retirement community in chennai

Retirement Community In Chennai

Sanjeevan Assisted living is Chennai’s most secured and trusted old Age Home with all kinds of Amenities for better retirement life. During old age, the body starts losing its strength which creates a need for the elders to have someone at their side to take care of them.

Here Sanjeevan plays a very big role in creating a friendly environment with proper support and health care.

We believe that the real phase of life starts after 50 where people try to find some peaceful days to think about their beautiful past memories also they want to live independently on their own. We as an assisted living community stand your side in making things happen with utmost care. Unlike other assisted living we have our own space with proper security and hygienic atmosphere.

When a person gets older, family members, friends, and neighbors begin dropping by to check on him or her to see if help is needed. Maybe a slip on wet bathroom tile or a medical emergency will worry loved ones — not to mention the person in question — even further. A family member may move in, but over time that arrangement often stops being a good one for either party. The at-risk family member is accustomed to freedom; the caregiving family member has a life of his or her own that needs attention.

Luxury Environment
Fully furnishes living space with proper Maintenence.
Pick up & Drop
We arrange a vehicle for your travel with both pickup & drop.
24*7 electrical backup with properly skilled technicians for complete 360 maintenance.
We always want to focus on the entertainment part where they can spend their quality time with a laugh on their faces.
Food & Maintenance
Health is the most prior thing when it comes to healthy living. We have a dedicated maid for every living space for health food & cleaning.
Medical Assistant
A staff nurse is employed for every living space for regular health checkups & care.